Shrubs are woody plants both deciduous and evergreen that live for many years. They provide the structural backbone for most garden designs giving year-round interest.

Shrubs come in a huge array of shapes and sizes, colours and textures, providing interest through flowers, leaves and stems and sometimes all three.

From 30cm high Hebes to 4 metre Lilacs there is a shrub to suit all situations, soils and environments.

Most shrubs are tough and easy to grow, and many customers select evergreen types to ensure year-round colour.

We grow many types of shrubs starting in a 1 litre pot right up to mature plants in a 10 litre.

Some of the biggest sellers are Photinia, Euonymus, Hypericum, Hebes, Ceanothus, Magnolia and Pieris.

We also supply shrubs for retail in collections such as scented shrubs, spring colour shrubs, shrubs for pollinators etc.

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